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ZO’s Specialties

Barbacoa is an ancient Mexican Dish, and the way it is prepared is becoming a lost art. This method of cooking actually was created by the indigenous Tainos Indians from the Caribbean. Their word for Barbacoa was Barabicu which means sacred fire pit. Any meat, foul or even fish can be used when preparing Barbacoa. Our Barbacoa is cooked in this same authentic manner, and the result is something your pallet will not soon forget. The flavor of the meat is very earthy and rustic and goes well with our Beans which are a mixture of Pinto and Peruvian simmered with Pork meat for extra flavor. Our Spanish Rice is prepared with sauteed garlic and onions and a  homemade chicken stock. The salsa is made with a combination of chillies that are fire roasted along with fresh tomatoes cilantro and onion. All of this comes with the Barbacoa plate and is also served with Fresh Hot Tortillas and homemade Chips.


Barbacoa – $15.00
Served with Rice, Beans, Chips, Salsa and Fresh Hot Tortillas.

Prime Rib – $27.00
Succulent Prime Rib roasted to medium rare served with Ajus and Horseradish cream. Baked Potato with all the Fixings Fresh Green Salad with a Balsamic Dressing and a Fresh Baked Roll with Butter.

Hawaiian Plate with Pork – $17.00
Pit Roasted Kalua Pork wrapped in Banana Leaves Served with Steamed White Jasmine Rice Macaroni Salad and Asian Cole Slaw with Hawaiian Roll and Butter.

Hawaiian Plate with Chicken – $17.00
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken served with Steamed White Jasmine Rice, Macaroni Salad and Asian Cole Slaw with Hawaiian Role and Butter.

Chili Beans and Cornbread – $12.00
Beef or Turkey Meat slow simmered with Chili Beans a little Dark Ale and our Secret Sauce. Served with Homemade Cornbread and Honey Butter with a Green Salad with Buttermilk Dressing or Italian.

Herb Roasted Chicken – $16.00
Whole chicken brushed with Olive Oil and seasoned with Fresh Herbs, Sea Salt, Fresh Garlic, Lemon Slices and White Wine slow roasted and cut into quarters served with Brown or White Rice, a Green Salad with Diced Apple, Dried Cranberries and Candied Pecans with a Sweet Vinaigrette with a Fresh Baked Roll and Butter.

BBQ Country  Pork Ribs – $20.00
Country Ribs Barbecued with our Homemade BBQ Sauce that consists of beer, Molasses and a lot of other good stuff. They are then slow roasted for tender fall off the bone meat. Served with Baked Beans and a Fresh Green Salad, Dressing of your choice and our cheese garlic bread.

Side Orders:

Grilled Jalapenos and Onions – $1.50 per person
Guacamole (Chunky Style) – $2.50 per person
Cornbread with Honey Butter – $1.50 per person
Potato Or Macaroni Salad – $2.00 per person
Macaroni and Cheese – $2.50 per person


Large Homemade Cookies – $2.00 a piece
Frosted Homemade Brownies – $2.00 a piece
Filled Homemade Cupcakes – $2.00 a piece
Homemade Cakes – $2.00 a piece
Homemade Cobbler  ( Apple, Peach, or Berry ) – $2.00 a piece
Paper and Plastic Ware – $2.50 per person.

We cook out of a Health Inspected Commercial Kitchen.

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